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DL380e Gen8 strange NIC icon Display

David Orwig
Regular Advisor

DL380e Gen8 strange NIC icon Display

I have reloaded the O/S on this server several times first windows 2012R2, then R1 then R2 then R1, and finally back to R2 (These are the penalties of trying to keep up with the ragged bleeding edge. I could expound, but who wants to listen to me whine?)

Anyhow, each time I loaded it, I used MS teaming utility and had no issues, failover manger and Hyper-V roles, no issues. I have two of these servers attached to a P2000 G3 to be Hyper-V cluster. I did not get the issue until this last reload.


Here's the issue: on one of my two servers (they are both configured EXACTLY the same, BIOS, firmware, O/S, drivers), when I enable MS teaming with two of the NICs, one of the NIC icon shows a red X as if it was unplugged. My teamed NIC shows 2.0Gbps and in the "Teams" console, both NICs show green and active. When I ping the team IP address, I can sequentially disable each NIC and allow the team to quiesce in between and I never miss a single ping. If I disolve the team the error / icon goes away. If I remove the effected NIC from the team the red X goes away. When I re-add or create a new team, the red X icon returns.


It seems as if it is only cosmetic, but I want these machines to be 100% before going into production.


I'm open to suggestions, and no, I'm not willing to call HP for support... deleted long diatribe about HP support failures; I want this post to be read, not deleted.