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DL380e Gen8 - system board 8 memory error - question.

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DL380e Gen8 - system board 8 memory error - question.

Hi HP community,

I have a little problem with one of HP 380 servers. I can see "System board 8 memory" sensor in error state when I run sensor state command in esxcli. What is an interesting thing that in actual ILO web interface I can see all memory modules green and happy.  Is "System board 8 memory" actual RAM memory module or is this something else? I can see memory modules listed all together above this sensor and they are named: Memory Device 1 04-P1 DIMM 1-6, Memory Device 2 05-P2 DIMM 1-6 and so on up to Memory Device 8 11-P2 Mem Zone. All sensors for those are ok.  I can't find any information online about it and support from HP ran out so I can't open an official case.  Can anyone tell me if this is something to really worry about or is it just some abandoned sensor that has nothing to do with actual RAM modules? Server is DL380e Gen 8 and esxi version is 6.0.0, 3620759.  Thank you for help.




Re: DL380e Gen8 - system board 8 memory error - question.


Please update the Agentless Management Agents to the latest version and then run the command again. 


Please make sure that the server BIOS and iLO are at the latest versions too. 


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