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DL380g8 - help needed with system diagnostics tools

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DL380g8 - help needed with system diagnostics tools

I have a Proliant DL380g8 running Server 2008R2 x64.  It was installed using the HP Smart Provisioning tool.


When I run the System Management Homepage I get "No items" under the component status summary. I've read several forum threads saying you need to install the SNMP feature, and add the user "public" to the accepted community names under the service security tab which I've done to no avail. When I load the SMH there is nothing listed under Data Source.


I found one thread which said that if you setup your system with Intelligent Provisioing then it uses agentless management and the SMH won't work and you need to use Systems Insight Manager instead. I'm afraid I'm not very technical and I don't understand what agents are so I don't know if this statement is correct or not.


Either way, I've run HP Insight Diagnostics (is this different to SIM?) which seems to have a load of information, but it's not easy to see at a glance the overall state of the system with component breakdown. Ideally I'd just like to get SHM working as it's what I know and like, but I've already wasted over half a day trying to get it working and I'm getting nowhere. There seems to be so many tools available (SHM, SIM, PSP, Insight Diagnostics etc.) it's making my head spin.


Suggestion for either getting SHM working, or the next best alternative would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: DL380g8 - help needed with system diagnostics tools

Yes, it's a complicated world ...


Configure ILO, point your web browser to ILO and check the system overview page, if this is enough information for you.


You can register ILO with HP Online support center, so whenever a failure occurs, your server opens a support call on its own.


This is ideal for a few systems, with more system to be monitored, look at Insight remote support or even HP SIM.



You have the choice:

"agentless" monitoring is done by ILO, the OS can pass information about the OS to ILO


old fashioned way by installing agents on the OS, but not both methods.

Hope this helps!

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Re: DL380g8 - help needed with system diagnostics tools

Thank you very much Torsten, now up and running with iLO. Easy when you know where to look!!