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[DL380p G8] Best practice for swapping hard drive

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[DL380p G8] Best practice for swapping hard drive


I'm the accidental sysadmin for our small organization and am, therefore, basically a novice when it comes to matters of server/hardware configuration.  In other words, I'm learning as I go.

We are currently running a DL380p G8 server (the first one we've run with hot-swappable drives).  It has 5 drives configured in RAID 5 with one hot spare on standby.  Currently, one of the active drives has a drive status light flashing amber/green indicating it is predicted to fail.

Here's my question:  What is the best practice for addressing this failing drive?  Should I hot swap it out with a new drive?  Wait for it to fail and allow the hot spare to take over?  Some other option?

Also are there any other concerns to consider prior to taking action?

Secondary question: The System Health LED is flashing amber.  Could this be because of the drive or is it likely to be something else?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions and advice you can give.  Please let me know if there is any additional information that would be helpful.