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DL380p G8 drive authentication failed

Occasional Contributor

DL380p G8 drive authentication failed

We just got this server, and ordered it directly from HP. I believe I have installed all the latest drivers and firmware from the current Proliant Service Pack. When I run the SSD wear tool however, it tells me that for both drives, it failed at least one authenication test, and that the drive carrier is not authentic.


Is this something I can fix? If it's a cosmetic issue, I'm fine with leaving it, but on the flip side if I ever have any issues, I don't want it affecting any warranty by reporting that it's not authentic.



Esteemed Contributor

Re: DL380p G8 drive authentication failed

Well if you have ordered directly from HP then it obviously be authentic, you get this messages by a non-authentic carrier that does not support I2C properly or some other type of HW problem where the I2C communication won't work. As in your case it could be a problem with the I2C chip on the carrier itself, Im sure it would not affect the warranty anyways however it is best if you have a case logged with HP . Also if you can attach AHS logs from ILO

Otherways of generating AHS LOGS
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Goutham Sabala
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL380p G8 drive authentication failed

Just wanted to update this. I've been working with Tech Support since I posted this, and at this point am at level 2. Both drives were replaced, same issue. They are now working on getting a server together to try to reproduce the authentication error. So far, they have confirmed that the drives are legit.

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Re: DL380p G8 drive authentication failed

Our four SAS drives are genuine HP products but we cannot get the lights to come on!  Also, this is the first Proliant server where the SAS drive do not go in "all the way" (flush with the face of the server like all others we have).  Is this correct?!

Jimmy Vance

Re: DL380p G8 drive authentication failed

That doesn't sound right, they should sit flush. Can you post a picture?

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