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DL380p Gen 8 Not on Vmware HCL

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DL380p Gen 8 Not on Vmware HCL



I was reviewing the latest Vmware hardware compatability list and didnt see the Proliant DL380p Gen8 listed. According to HP, the server is certified to run ESXi using the HP ESXi boot media. So, if HP has certified this server to run Vsphere and it isnt listed on the Vmware HCL, is this server certified or isnt it? Also, if im Vmware, do i certify this server to run ESXi?


Any clarification would be appreciated.



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Re: DL380p Gen 8 Not on Vmware HCL


Go to and you'll see:


HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8

ESX 4.1 U3 4.1 U2

ESXi Installable 4.1 U3 4.1 U2

ESXi Embedded 4.1 U3 4.1 U2 

ESXi 5.1 5.0 U2 5.0 U1 5.0


So, seems to be it's supported.

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Re: DL380p Gen 8 Not on Vmware HCL

Interesting. For criteria in the HCL i had chosen :


Product Release Version: All

Partner Name: HP

System Type: Rackmount


And it didnt show up.


When i changed "System Type" to "All" it was listed. Hmmm, somewhat odd. But, thanks to your help i am able to see it listed in the HCL. Its unfortunate that it isnt listed when selecting "Rackmount" under "System type".


Thanks for clearing this up!!