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DL380p Gen 8 ilo problem

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DL380p Gen 8 ilo problem

I have a DL380p Gen 8 that had a class A DHCP address before doing some HBA troubleshooting (just reseated HBA's). Now the ilo has a class C address, looks like the default ( - as in didn't get a DHCP address or keep it's previous one which has a week long lease. The server was only down for about 5 minutes. No hardware or software changes were made.    Our LAN team has verified that the switch and VLAN are all operating normally. Our management network gives class A DHCP address to newly deployed servers until the platform support team assigns a static address.


I have factory reset the ilo and power cycled (pulled power cords) a couple of times, still won't grab an IP address. Anyone got any ideas as to what is going on?

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Re: DL380p Gen 8 ilo problem

It might help to look for rogue DHCP servers... it wouldn't be the first time some developer or something setup a server and slapped DHCP services on there for some reason, happily passing out IP addresses from the wrong subnet. Probably not, but consider that a worst-case thing to troubleshoot.

If you put some other system in that 192.168.1.x range, same as what the iLO has, are you actually able to ping it? In other words, test the net connectivity to the iLO and make sure it's able to see the network okay and doesn't have any speed/duplex mismatches or even a loose cable. Yeah... check for loose cables especially, since you had the server open to reseat the other hardware. Try a different net cable too, just in case.