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DL380p Gen8 FAN is running with 100 %


DL380p Gen8 FAN is running with 100 %


I'm facing with this problem (100% fan speed) on HP Proliant DL380p Gen8 after inserting FireCuda 2TB disk! I updated most of firmwares as follows:

BIOS: P70 07/01/2015

iLO4: 2.55 Aug 16 2017

Here is an old thread, but still hope someone has a solution for that.

Many thanks


Re: DL380p Gen8 FAN is running with 100 %


Loud fan issue occurrs due to various factors, in this case, it could be the unsupported hard drive.

I would update the Smart Array controller firmware to the latest.  Also do check this generic article.

Thank You!
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Re: DL380p Gen8 FAN is running with 100 %

Hi Suman_1978

thank you very much for your help. That's write and it should be some kind of unsupported disk. On the other hand I tried to update all the firmwares, as I could find on HP Supprt website. But for some, they are entitlement required which we don't have, as we bought the second hand server. Specially for downloading "Smart Update Firmware DVD"!

Could you please help me to obtain this DVD image?

I will put the firmware infos from iLO output, maybe you can see and tell me which one is not updated yet:

Firmware Name ** Firmware Version ** Location
HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331T Adapter ** 1.46.0 ** Slot 2
HPE FlexFabric 10Gb 2-port 533FLR-T Adapter ** ** Embedded
iLO ** 2.55 Aug 16 2017 ** System Board
Intelligent Platform Abstraction Data ** 2.10 ** System Board
Intelligent Provisioning ** 2.61.8 ** System Board
Power Management Controller Firmware ** 3.3 ** System Board
Power Management Controller Firmware Bootloader ** 2.7 ** System Board
Redundant System ROM ** P70 03/01/2013 ** System Board
SAS Programmable Logic Device ** Version 0x0C ** System Board
Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware ** ** System Board
Smart Array P420i Controller ** 8.32 ** Embedded System
Programmable Logic Device ** Version *0x32 ** System Board
System ROM ** P70 07/01/2015 ** System Board
System ROM Bootblock ** 03/11/2012 ** System Board


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Re: DL380p Gen8 FAN is running with 100 %

"Smart Update Firmware DVD" is many years ago.

Nowadays you need SPP -


However, your BIOS, ILO and Smart Array versions are current.

You may the the other components with the downloads at the web pages.

Hope this helps!

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Re: DL380p Gen8 FAN is running with 100 %

Hi Bamsy,

               Please take out the FireCuda 2TB disk and check if the fans are running at 100%. Also recommend you to use 'HPE Smartcarrier' hard drives in Gen8 servers.

Regarding updating the firmware on Gen8 servers, please use the below mentioned link to download 'Service Pack for ProLiant' for Gen8 servers. Its a bootable iso image and you can boot off it to update the server firmware.


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Re: DL380p Gen8 FAN is running with 100 %

Hi @Bamsy

You are using incompatible hard drive. ilo can't check the temperature of the hard drives, therefore drives the fans at high speed.

firmware update will not resolve your problem.

Kind Regards,
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