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DL380p Gen8 - Orange power but not turn on

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DL380p Gen8 - Orange power but not turn on

I have an DL380P Gen8, the server was sit on data center rack turned off for about 1 year or more, its the same configuration from the factory, nothing changed.

Then when trying to power on, only the power led remain orange, no blinking but no power on, nothing on Diagnostic Panel, i tried several times and nothing, the UUID button not working too, nothing!

I inspected the board, striped most components, cleaned PSU contacts etc, still nothing.

On the main board there's a LEDs called Port 84 from 7 to 0, after some time the 7 lit and after some seconds start to blink.

And there's 3 other LEDs on the board, but 2 lit:

Trying to access iLo or ping the IP was not working, but theirs a LED on iLO port, after some network check i found iLo getting some IP from DHCP, i tried access with all know password, but unsuccessfully. Then cleared NVRAM and set iLO insecure, but turning on 1 and 6 on DIP Switches block, and still nothing, always says wrong password, even the default on from the label, and there's something odd on iLO name, its now iLO-------x in the name, where x is random, but is supposed to be iL0+serial or something, when SSH ask user and password but all incorrect too.

So, i cant power on the server and cant access iLO to check what is going on, and have no idea what the Port 84 LEDs means, anyone have an idea?


Re: DL380p Gen8 - Orange power but not turn on


Thank you for writing to HPE Community.

Please check the PSU LED, if its off/green,  PSU is most likely good.

If you have already reseated all Procs and DIMMs, then try using Min config and check.

If the server behaves the same way then you may need a replacement system board.


THank you



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