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DL380xp G8 with P420i - add drive to LD - time?

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DL380xp G8 with P420i - add drive to LD - time?

I need to add a physical drive to a logical drive.  The LD is currently Raid 6 across 10x4 TB drives.  How long can expect the restripe to take to expand it another 4TB?  That should only take a couple of days at most, I would think.

Any information is appreciated.


Re: DL380xp G8 with P420i - add drive to LD - time?


Yes indeed.

when you add drives to an existing raid , all existing drives on that raid group have to be re-striped, doing it with an existing host workload is not a very speedy process.

verify what the rebuild priority is set to in SSA, I believe the default is medium; change it to high and that should help to speed it up.


The re striping events are very similar to a background verify and the times are the same.

The background verify rates are 'n' minutes per gigabyte of LUN space per data disk, where 'n' is:

Per GB

High = 5 minutes
Medium = 10 minutes
Low = 15 minutes

If host I/O is not constant to the LUN, The background verify may complete sooner because it speeds up when the storage processor goes idle. So if process time is available, the verification is dynamically speeded up.

These priority times are approximate and are intended for reference.

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