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DL385 - Adding memory without 2nd processor

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DL385 - Adding memory without 2nd processor


We have a DL385 with 1x AMD Opteron Dual core and would like to upgrade the RAM. There are a total of 8 slots for both CPU (4 slots each) and we have already filled the 4 slots for Processor 1.

We are trying to use slots 5 & 6 without adding a second processor, but the BIOS does not seem to recognise the RAM on these slots. Is there anyway we can by-pass this limitation ie use slots 5 & 6 with only 1 CPU?

Thanks for your assistance

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Re: DL385 - Adding memory without 2nd processor

Hi Vicky,

The DL385 implements the memory controller on the same bus as the processor.

Memory communicates with the processor through a high-speed interconnect bus- HyperTransport. Therefore, the memory runs at the full speed of the processor core.

Each processor supports two memory channels as shown here for a total of 4 DIMMs supported per processor.

So for installing the DIMMs on the 5-8 slots we have to install the 2nd processor(Mandatory)

Hope this answers your query!!!!!!