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DL385 G1 battery failed...again..again


DL385 G1 battery failed...again..again

We have a DL385 G1 running W2K3(FW bios is latest),
received an alert that array battery status failed then replaced the battery components(BBWC, battery & battery housing) likewise updated the array FW to latest 2.84. The following day the same error alert stating that battery has new status of 5(permDisabled), then suspect either the replacement components is just a recondition one or the smart array 6i controller on sysBD has an issue, So we've come into conclusion but to replaced again the battery components and System board as well.....but after a couple of weeks the issue re-occured...

Actually we've experience lots of 6i battery failed issues the past few months for DL385 G1...

Any hint what went wrong....
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Re: DL385 G1 battery failed...again..again


See this thread:

Have you updated the drivers and software?

Suggest you upgrade all firmware, drivers and array apps in the system. Make sure the disk drives have the latest firmware installed, ADU/ACU and SMH is at the latest supported version. This *usually* resolves the issue after the suspect h/w (battery module, controller and sys bd.) has been replaced.


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Re: DL385 G1 battery failed...again..again

FYI. We have seen similar issues with the battery backed write cache on DLs and an upgrade to the firmware did the trick.
good luck.