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DL385 G2 hangs during POST

Regular Advisor

DL385 G2 hangs during POST

Hi all,


a perfectly running server does not come up again after a reboot and hangs in POST with a blinking cursor after

"Redundant ROM Detected - This system contains a valid backup system ROM."


No errors and warnings appear, no external media is plugged in and turning the device off and on does no change.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.



Meanwhile I tried the System Maintenance Switch procedure, which was unsuccessful:




Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: DL385 G2 hangs during POST


trying Maintenance Switch is the first option to help. As it didn't helped, it could by serious hw issue.

I would try to remove all optional parts from server like - HBA's, controllers, remove almost all ram and try to start server in very minimal configuration. If it helps you can add more components starting with ram and you could by able to determine what is the reason.

Of course, maybe motheraboard / cpu died / is damaged (check for any burns / strange smell if you can) and this will not help you. Then contact HP support if you have warranty...



Regular Advisor

Re: DL385 G2 hangs during POST

My technician told me that this could be a dead CPU or mainboard.


Unfortunately I'm out of office for a workshop and the device is out of warranty, so I just ordered a refurb barebone server (without disks and memory).

Let's wait and see how far I can get on weekend. :)