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DL385 G2 problem

kevin poole_1
Frequent Advisor

DL385 G2 problem

I am trying to install Win server 2003 on the DL385 G2, it has an internal raid card and an additional raid card in the pci slot. I need to raid 0 the OS and raid 5 the remaining drives, (8 of them). According to MS the boot partition cannot be on a striped volume. Is there any way around this? and what drivers would i need to install for the two raid cards? Or is that included in the server install? Thanks for the time and the help.
Garrett Taylor
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL385 G2 problem

The actual drive configuration is abstraced away from the Operating system by the RAID controller. Logical drives appear as physical drives and physical drives are not actually seen at all. Whatever you're referring to probably involves software RAID using MS's dynamic partitions.

However: bear in mind that RAID0 is not stable. If you lose 1 drive you will lose entire OS.