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DL385 G7 Question

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DL385 G7 Question

Hi am sorry if this has been asked before but need to ask.

Iv got my self a DL385 G7 for cheap of ebay 

I perched it as its got 2 12 core cpus and 128 gb ram so i want to use for Vmware 

Now when i looked up uo the specs of the cpu it supported what i needed to run esxi they way i wanted to.

but after getting it and doing more resurch i found the cou does what i need but no the server its self.

I wan to use pash thought to run an gpu for windows 10 as a vurtual machine. 

is there wany where to enable virtualizating to get pass thought to work on esxi or is that not possible with this server.

If its doesnt work ill take esxi off and install windows that way


Re: DL385 G7 Question

Hi There,

Login to BIOS, and enable the virtualization technology (VTX).

Below is the HP ROM-Based Setup Utility User Guide for your refernce. Please refer page 29

Log into BIOS-> Main Menu->System Options Menu->Processor option ->AMD V



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