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DL385 G7 controller issue

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DL385 G7 controller issue



I've been reading up on an issue I'm having at my customer site regarding the p410i raid controller. I ran across an issue with the 380 G7 on the IT Resource Center site, but wanted to double check to see I was running the right track troubleshooting the 385.


The issue:


At bootup I get an error message for the controller locking up 1719 0x13 and 1797 0x13.


Current solution:


Upgrade p410i controller firmware from 3.5 to 3.66.

If this is still failing, swap out the 1GB FWBC for another 1GB or a 512GB FWBC


OS: ESX 4.1


Thoughts and concerns:

I am going to move off my virtual servers to the other VM server while I do the upgrade to reduce the risk of anything going wrong with this upgrade. The issue hasn't been reported for long, from what I understand it has just started within a few days. Is there anything else I should/could look at or would this be the viable fix? Nothing else has a fully answered question.