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Re: DL385 G7 cpu question

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DL385 G7 cpu question

Hi all iv recenty got mysefl a set of opteron 6276 cpus. now the specs for the server show its compatable but when i install the cpu the sytem wont boot and all dimm leds go amber. now if i put the original cpu back in 6176 the server boot fin with now issues. am i misiing something. it has  the latest bios aswell


Re: DL385 G7 cpu question

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Upon reviewing the server quickspecs. Yes , the server works with both the processors (AMD Opteron™ 6276 and AMD Opteron™ 6176SE ).
I suspect you will have to select one xxxxxx-L21 and one xxxxxx-B21 for the server to work with two processors.

Spare part number below.

HP DL385 G7 AMD Opteron™ 6276 (2.30GHz/16-core/16MB/115W) FIO Processor Kit 654862-L21
HP DL385 G7 AMD Opteron™ 6276 (2.30GHz/16-core/16MB/115W) Processor Kit 654862-B21

Attaching HP ProLiant DL385 Generation 7 (G7) QuickSpecs below for reference. Refer page 18.


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