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DL385 - Has hard disk failed, or not?

steve blomeley
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DL385 - Has hard disk failed, or not?


We have a Proliant DL385 G1 server with 5 internal hard drives. The HP Insight Diagnostics tool is reporting that one hard disk has failed and should be replaced. The error reported is:

Physical Hard Drive 4
Failed - 640004: Controller has reported a critical performance threshold error on this drive.

The disk currently appears to be running OK - It's a member of a Raid 5 array with a spare disk available, but the system has not dropped the "failed" disk out of the raidset.

I've run the HP Array Diagnostic Utility and attached the output report. To my untrained eye, this doesn't seem to show any errors on the hard disks.... but maybe I'm missing something?

The question is, should we trust the ADU output and leave the disk in place, or should we replace the disk as a precautionary measure? I'm reluctant to swap disks in and out of the box without good reason, as the server supports plant production, so any downtime coud have a fairly major impact.

Thanks in advance
Gary Antonio Benavides
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Re: DL385 - Has hard disk failed, or not?


I was not able to open the Report, even though check the following Advisories, they might help you to answer your question:

FIRMWARE UPGRADE RECOMMENDED for Certain HP Smart Array Controllers to Avoid False SAS and SATA Hard Drive "Predictive Failures" Caused by Erroneous Monitoring and Performance Data

Illuminated Fault LED on Hot-Plug Parallel SCSI Hard Drive May Not Indicate Drive Failure and Further Troubleshooting is Required〈=en&cc=us&taskId=101&prodSeriesId=428936&prodTypeId=15351
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Re: DL385 - Has hard disk failed, or not?

hi steve

try updating Firmware for HDDs and controller this one is very old

also I don't know your Insight diagnostics version but if the insight diagnostics and Array diagnostics utility are from the same bundle they are pretty old (this applies if your OS is W2003 since I don't know your OS)

Firmware CD (bootable)

proliant support pack

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Re: DL385 - Has hard disk failed, or not?

I have a ML 350 G5 with a Smart Array 200i controler and a 1+0 Raid. The 6 hard drives are DF072ABAA8 with HPD5 firmware.I have run Smart Start 8.15 CD and Firmware Maintence 8.3 CD and I am getting the 640004 error on drives 2,3,4,and 5. No error on Drives 1 or 6.
Are my drives good or bad?