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DL385 P400 Array wite cache enable issue

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DL385 P400 Array wite cache enable issue

Hi All

I have just installed the BBWC 512 kit onto my P400 array controller in an effort to enable write caching on the disk (server 2003 SP2). The reason for this was to prevent the disk latency errors I recieved for this server from my MOM interface (and event viewer). The problem is that even after installing the BBWC I still cant enable write caching either via the windows interface or the ACU CLI. Is there something I am missing or is there a limitation to the P400 that I dont know about or have not been able to find
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: DL385 P400 Array wite cache enable issue

Hi John !

After installing a battery pack, you might see a POST message during reboot indicating that the
array accelerator (cache) is temporarily disabled. This is normal, because the new battery pack is likely to
have a low charge. You do not need to take any action, because the recharge process begins automatically
when the battery pack is installed. The controller will operate properly while the battery pack recharges,
although the performance advantage of the array accelerator will be absent. When the battery pack has
been charged to a satisfactory level, the array accelerator will automatically be enabled.

Cheers !
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Re: DL385 P400 Array wite cache enable issue

Hi John,
Your query is already resolved, refer to the following link :

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