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DL385 - Smart Array 6i - Add disk

Alessandro Pilati
Esteemed Contributor

DL385 - Smart Array 6i - Add disk

Hi to all,

- 2 DL385 servers
- Smart Array 6i Controllers
- OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 ES Update 3
- On each server: 2 internal SCSI disk in RAID 1 ( with the OS installed, and I see these disks as a single device /dev/cciss/c0d0 )

On 1st server I have a third SCSI disk, with a primary partition and an ext2 filesystem, and I want to put phisically this disk on 2nd server.

The problem is that the disk slots are controlled by Smart Array, and when I add disk, the way to let the server see it is creating a Logical device ( that I'll see in /dev/cciss/c0dX ).

But when I create a Logical Device on 1 or more phisical disk, Smart Array deletes all the contents inside!

How can I put an hot-swap SCSI disk on a DL385 without it being controlled by Smart Array, so I can see it as, for example, /dev/sdX instead of /dev/cciss/c0dX?

Thanks in advance,

if you don't try, you'll never know if you are able to
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Re: DL385 - Smart Array 6i - Add disk

The third disk on 1st server is also currently visible as a /dev/cciss/* path, right?

See the Smart Array 6i User Manual:
Look at page 31 and onwards. Read the chapter titled "Moving Drives and Arrays".

To successfully move the disk from one controller to the next, you must be within conditions described there. The original configuration of the disk to be moved is an essential factor - it should be something like "a RAID 0 array of 1 disks", NOT "a degraded half of a RAID 1 array of 2 disks".

In a succesful move, you should have no need to create a new logical device - the controller should detect a new, complete "single-disk array" on the moved disk and _automatically import_ it to your configuration.