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DL385 and FC4 X86_64 installation: any success someone?

Andre Gosselin
Occasional Visitor

DL385 and FC4 X86_64 installation: any success someone?

I have been trying hard to install FC4 X86_64 (or Mandrake/Mandriva 2006) on a dual opteron DL395 equipped with 3GB ram, smartarray 6i controller and 2 72GB scsi disks arranged as a 0+1 array. The install phase goes perfectly: all my hardware is recognized, disk array is seen as /dev/ciss/c0d0, all packages install correctly, the MBR is correctly initialized with grub.

When I try to reboot, the grub menu is displayed.
After selecting an item (whichever one does not matter), the kernels starts to load and panics immediately, dumping error messages and a stack trace so fast that I loose the initial error message. I cannot tell at what step of the booting phase this occurs, but it is right at the beginning.

I get exactly the same behavior with Mandriva 2006 X86_64.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.