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DL385 memory degraded

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DL385 memory degraded

Memory in slot 8 is dipladed as degraded in HP SIM. The DIMM has been replaced twice, but turns to degraded again after a minute or two. Any ideas where the problem might be?
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Re: DL385 memory degraded

A quick test: select one slot with known-good memory of the same size. Move the memory from "bad" slot to the "good" slot and vice versa. If the fault is with the memory, the new slot should now indicate as degraded and the old one as good.

If the fault does not move along with the memory, the problem might be in the memory slot itself or in the motherboard. A good visual inspection (maybe with a magnifying glass or something similar) can identify dirty or damaged contacts in the memory slot.

If *both* slots show as degraded after this, your slot 8 might have a short circuit that is actually damaging the memory inserted to it. In that case, *stop* any further testing unless you have expendable parts you can afford to lose.