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DL385G2 reboot cause of NIC

Attila Szabó
Frequent Advisor

DL385G2 reboot cause of NIC

Dear Experts,
I'm in the front of a problem. I recently installed 10 DL385G2 servers with Windows 2003 SP1 (english, standard edition, X86, not R2). Two of them installed with enterprise version.
First I updated the firmwares with Firmware CD 7.80. After I installed them with Smartstart 7.80.
Everything was find before I configure the NICs. When I disabled the second onboard port, and I set the IP address to the first port, and I set it to fixed 1Gbit a strange thing happened:
When I shuting down the server, it make a normal restart.
When I set everything back to default settings (DHCP, autosense, no link on ethernet), the server shutting down correctly.
I cant update the windows on the server now, cause the server room is in a half-ready facility (no internet connection yet).
I think its a NIC driver or Teaming driver problem.
Did it happen with anybody?
I will try that with the old driver when I can go there.

Joshua Small_2
Valued Contributor

Re: DL385G2 reboot cause of NIC

This is a known issue with the current NIC drivers.
Downgrade them by one version, should sort you out.

HP have promised they are working on it, but they have been for quite some time.
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL385G2 reboot cause of NIC


Downgrade to PSP 7.7

See also following link: