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DL385G5p - ESXi - RAID

Mario N.

DL385G5p - ESXi - RAID

Given 2 HP DL385 G5p runningt ESXi, each one with a RAID5 disk array and some free slots, can I move an array from one server to the other one using the free slots?
At that point, the target server will have 2 RAID5 arrays, his original array and the array imported from the other server, each one with a set ov VMs: is it possible?
Can the move be performed without rebooting the target server?
Is there any issue to consider before implementing such configuration?

James Kelly, Chapman Un
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL385G5p - ESXi - RAID

I was able to physically move a four-drive RAID5 array from one DL380G5 to another identical DL380G5, under ESXi 3.5x.

I could insert the drives without interrupting anything, and they connected to the controller just fine, but the logical array on the drives was not recognized until I rebooted the server. (An ESXi storage rescan did not detect the array.)

During the reboot, the controller automatically detected the new logical array, and presented it to ESXi.

On the web, I found a document describing how to rescan the system bus for new controllers and volumes (Configuration tab, then Storage, then the Rescan link), but it was not necessary in this case. The volume/datastore and virtual machines resident on the moved array were detected automatically.

I added several of the moved virtual machines to the ESXi inventory, and they've been running fine for six hours so far.

James Kelly