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DL385G7 doesn't want a Dialogic UM-BRI-2 PCIe

Maik Gärtner
Occasional Visitor

DL385G7 doesn't want a Dialogic UM-BRI-2 PCIe

I have a DL385G7 (604642-425) and need to install Tobit David on Win Server 2008 R2 Standard. For sending and receiving faxes I installed a Dialogic UM-BRI-2 PCIe ISDN-Card. When the card is installed, the cooling fans of the DL rotate very fast and the system is switched off automatically (no shutdown) within 12 hours. It doesn't matter which port is used for the Dialogic card, the same problem on each... The interesting thing is that the card itself works, i can make phone calls, send faxes etc. I placed the card into another DL385 with same result... Some helpful ideas?
Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: DL385G7 doesn't want a Dialogic UM-BRI-2 PCIe

Sounds like a BIOS conflict. Can you install it in a workstation to see if the same results happen? Fax boards can run very hot. It could be the thermal sensors of the server is tripping. I looked at a Brooktrout solution for our fax solution.

951-104-39-3V 4 Channel Brooktrout SR140 FoIP with 3 year 1 $2,404.71
310-877-3S 4 Port Analog Dialogic Media Gateway with 3 Year 1 $1,411.76

This is a network based gateway that uses Fax over IP (FOIP) to communicate with GFI Rightfax.