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Re: DL385G8 no controllers detected.

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DL385G8 no controllers detected.

Hi there,

I've got a new DL385 G8 which has a built in P420 controller...
I was able to see this and configure it via the Array Configuration Utility.

I upgraded the firmware using the Proliant Service Pack dated 2014.02, which went through okay, but since then I've been unable to to configure the array controller via the ACU.  It comes up with "No controllers detected".

I've restarted, etc. etc. No avail.


I've entered the array configuration via the F8 key during post, and I can see the Option ROM way to configure the controler, and it detects all drives etc. However I need to configure it via the ACU to get all the features and settings we want.


Any ideas?





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Re: DL385G8 no controllers detected.

With the same server can happen with Intelligent Provisioning, so because the solution is upgrade IP i assume that the new IP has a newer ACU.

My advice is Update ACU from the same SPP.


If the firmware is too new i think it's logical for ACU be unable/unwilling to manage it, even if the message is so wrong.