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DL385g5p boot issue

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DL385g5p boot issue


I am having an issue booting a DL385g5p. It has a single processor and 4 sticks of memory (2x2gb and 2x1gb setup according to the user guide), 2xPower supply and a rise card with an array controller. As soon as I power it on the fan's go full speed for about 20 seconds (I think this is normal) then they cut back and sit at about 40%. There is no post and no video for approximately 23 minutes. Then it seems to boot up normally (Havn't fully tested as it is taking quite long to get a OS installed with a 23 minute boot). I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

This is my first time dealing with a proliant but I have gone through user guide, troubleshooting guide and maintenance guide.


I have tried reseating the memory and cpu (Both of which seem to check out when it eventually hits POST). 

I have tried different outlets and reseating the power supplies.

I have tried booting with bare minimum and different combo's of ram (2x2, 2x1). I do not have other modules so I could not swap all 4 out completely.

I have tried clearing NVRAM


Any ideas? Again it takes about 23 minutes to hit the POST screen (I have been keeping track and can fairly accurately estimate when it will POST)



Re: DL385g5p boot issue



You have tried most of the things but you can try the following if not tried yet.


Remove any Add-On cards and test the server.

Remove any USB devices that are connected to the server.

Remove any storage/tape devices if connected.

Have you tested with different processor?


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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