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DL385p G8 - IML Error - System Power Fault Detected

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DL385p G8 - IML Error - System Power Fault Detected

Hello Everyone

I have an issue in a server, thi is an Proliant DL385p G8; it was opperating normally wen suddenly it began to make noise like one of his fans were blocked. I restarted it and wen it finished there were no more noise, but the Health System led turns amber. It server has no system insight display then I can't know where exactly the issue is. Both of power supply are opperatives (whit the green led on). 

Checking the iLO's server there are no evidence of problems. searching in the Integrated Management Log, I notice this error message:

"System Power Fault Detected. System Has Enabled Power Protection and Disabled Power Supplies (XR: 10 00 MID: FF 77 FC 1B 23 F0 CC 23 0C 0C 40 FC 00 D0 03 01 90 00 FF FC 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00)"

A technician check the server and told to us that it was a main board problem, but I´m not sure of this. The server is online, despite of this. It has no more evidence of failures (only the led).

The firmware version is about 2013.

I hope you can help me whis this problem. Thanks a lot.


Re: DL385p G8 - IML Error - System Power Fault Detected

Hi FenixBuc,

As the 1st course of action update system bios to the latest its its not done. Once this is done, restart the server multiple times to check if the server comes up successfully. If it fails, you will have to replace the system board.





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