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DL560 G8 with Intel SSD DC P3600 HP P/N 803199-002


DL560 G8 with Intel SSD DC P3600 HP P/N 803199-002

Been trying to update the firmware on these cards with no resolve. Here is what Intel emailed back after opening a support case with them.


An update was made to service request 02997240 on August 11, 2017

Hello Javier,

Thank your for contacting Intel, your case number is 02997240.

According to the Firmware Versions for Intel® Solid State Drives and Intel® Optane™ Memory article, found here:

the latest firmware version is 8DV101H0 with Bootloader 8B1B0133. This means that, yes, most likely you need to update.


However, based on several points you mention on your original request we must inform you the following:

  • An update can only be performed if the SSD is attached directly to the server, not when attached thru a RAID controller. Please ensure the SSD is attached directly to the server before updating.
  • Your product could not be located in our database with the serial and models you have provided.
  • If this is an OEM SSD then our retail software will not work and could even damage the unit. Since this is an HP server an easy way to figure out if the SSD is OEM is because it shows the phrase HP P/N in its label. If this is an OEM drive then only HP can help you update the firmware.

Please let us know if you require further assistance.

So where do I find the latest firmware on HP site? I am unable to locate it or they want us to use the Intel method?

Thanks in advanced.