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DL560 Gen10 was rebooted often by itself at dawn

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DL560 Gen10 was rebooted often by itself at dawn

Hi Everyone,

We have a DL560 Gen10 that rebooted often by itself, especially at dawn.
In the morning, we checked the Windows Server 2016's event log to find out, what's going on?

In summary, we found that, critical event occured with ID 41 - Kernel Power, and the message was:

"The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."


We also checked in ILO 5 IML, and found that

Class : UEFI

Cause : undetermined

Class : 0x0032 | Error Code: 0x0389

Action: to contact HPE Support, and open a support case, so they'll contact me. (DL560 Gen10's warranty still valid until Dec 2021)

We had already updated the BIOS firmware to the latest, almost anything that has a new firmware, we updated it to to the latest one. And still no luck.

We also checkout MSA 2050's log, APC UPS's log, and found no errors or sort off.

Any idea/ experience with these kind of error?

Thank You

Best Regards

Kinkin Gunta

Re: DL560 Gen10 was rebooted often by itself at dawn

Issue:  Server rebooted often by itself at dawn.

Error: The Kernel-Power error (ID 41) message states that the system has rebooted without first cleanly shutting-down. It can be caused if the system stops responding, crashes, or loses power unexpectedly. To be more precise, the error occurs when the computer is shut down or restarted unexpectedly.

Cause: This could be a reboot/crash due to OS or any HW.

POA:  Kindly remove any External PCI card installed & external storage connected & clear NVRAM & monitor the server for any reboots that might occur, if the server is fine then we will need to isolate the external devices that were connected to the server.

Steps to clear NVRAM:

-Power off the server.
-Locate the system maintenance switch on the system board(Find the systemboard component info on flipping the top cover of the server)
-Switch the S1,S5 & S6 switch to ON position. By default it will be OFF.
-Power on the server. It should display "S1,S5 & S6 is on please switch it off and reboot server".
-Power off server.
-Toggle the S1,S5 & S6 switch back to off position and restart server.





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