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DL560 Gen8 Win 2012 R2 issues.


DL560 Gen8 Win 2012 R2 issues.

I have two DL560 Gen8 servers setup running Windows 2012 R2.


Both servers are suffering from the same issue in that randomly on reboot they will get to the windows splash screen and then just reboot again. As in they bring up the splash screen about two little white dots start to move and than the servers just power cycle themselves.


Sometimes you will get into Windows no issue, sometime you wont and this will loop 3 or 4 times. I think this is happening before really anything on the windows side loads as there is nothing in the event logs.


SFC and dism scans show nothing, servers are both running June 2015 SPP.


Any ideas?


Re: DL560 Gen8 Win 2012 R2 issues.




Login to the server's iLO and check IML logs for any thermal events or error messages. If there is no indication, then reduce the server to base configuration. Having only the processors and a single memory module for each installed processor, remove all expansion cards and additional memory modules and observer the server. Once it is stable, then add one component at a time and power on the server to isolate defective component. Hope this helps.





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