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DL580 Disaster Recovery

David Stavert
Occasional Advisor

DL580 Disaster Recovery

After a failed bios update (server no longer boots) I attempt a Disaster Recovery (switch 1456 on two long beeps etc) that does not complete. I get the POST floppy access and later I get about a 30 second floppy access. Is there a disasterous disaster recovery procedure?
With a replacement board the server boots fine. Put the board into another server and I don't get any farther.
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 Disaster Recovery

Hi David:

this is the Disaster Recovery Procedure.
You did correctly; if it dosenot take possible bad board.

or if you want to check if it is taking; try an older version of the bios etc.

This procedure will not bypass or correct problems caused by hardware faults with the System ROM and supporting components.

One of the most likely symptoms of System ROM corruption are intermittent or inconsistent symptoms occurring at POST. These tests may unexpectedly hang, abort, or error messages may be inconsistent. These symptoms could also occur when other components necessary to complete POST such as Memory, the Processor Power Modules, NVRAM, and Power Supplies are defective.
Note that the application of the System ROMPaq Utility is a test in itself since it uses much of the same hardware used by the System ROMpaq Disaster Recovery Procedure. If a clean pass of the System ROMPaq upgrade can not be completed, then the ROMpaq Disaster Recovery Procedure should be invoked.

One aspect about firmware or software corruption is that it is very difficult to determine where problems will occur without knowing exactly where and how much corruption has occurred. To make matters more complicated, there may already be hardware failures occurring in the server that created the service call.

In the event that corruption has occurred in areas of the firmware accessed by the Operating System, it is possible that erroneous status and error conditions could be reported by the OS.

Once the F9 or F10 prompt is displayed on the console monitor, the System ROM's control of the system is nearly complete. If F9 is selected, then system control is still managed by the System ROM. If F10 is selected, control is passed to the System Partition / System Configuration Utility. If the approximately 5 second time out window to select the F9 or F10 options during the later phase of POST is allowed to expire, then system control is passed to the Operating system.

----- Possible there is a hardware issue

1- can try regular firmware upgrade , or previous versions.

2- replace hardware.

Best regards,

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
David Stavert
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL580 Disaster Recovery

I have had 4 boards fail in three seperate servers to update properly with the 7.0 CD. Two of the boards did respond to the Disaster Recovery procedure. Two boards did not. All boards had been running just fine with no signs of problems. I don't think I have hardware problems.