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DL580 G1 Upgrades

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DL580 G1 Upgrades

We have a DL580 G1 with Dual Xeon 700s.

I am looking to upgrade it to 4 processors, and
I know that it has the ability to use an upgraded Xeon processor as well, IIRC the 900 1Mb cache. I would buy the 4 and then use the extra 2 procs in 2 other DL580s that only have a single proc.

Does anyone know where I can find information on these? Prices, etc. I had found a lot of info 6 months ago, but now I can't find where it was.

Mike Bollman_1
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Re: DL580 G1 Upgrades

Here is a link to the quickspecs:

The P3 Xeo 900Mhz (2MB cache) processor is HP# 222627-B21

As far as where to get, you will need to find a refurbed dealer. I have used a company by the name of ChestnutMicro out of Dallas ( with much success.

Call and speak to KT and tell him what you are looking for.

P.s. please be kind and assign points to those that help you out.
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Re: DL580 G1 Upgrades

Just a quick check on eBay and I produced a bunch of results, one of which is a set of 4 from a ML350 for $150. Item number: 270116334168, End time: May-06-07 10:49:54 PDT.
Remember these cpus have no demand right now and should be cheap.
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Re: DL580 G1 Upgrades

Wow! Thanks! You guys rock!
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Re: DL580 G1 Upgrades