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DL580 G2 Cable Management Arm - Reversible?

Mark Patchett_1
Occasional Contributor

DL580 G2 Cable Management Arm - Reversible?

We have a rack full of DL580 G2 servers. Our problem is that all the cables come down one side of the rack as all the servers have the same direction of CMA (Cable Management Arm). Cable management is becoming more difficult as more SAN, NIC, and KVM connections are made. The DL580 G2 appears to have the same style of CMA hooks on the other side of the server near the power connections, but the CMA will only flex the one direction so we can't switch it around. Is there a part number or kit that would allow us to connect the CMA to the other side and change the cables for some of the servers to the other side of the rack? I couldn't find any info in the DL580 G2 parts list. Any info would be appreciated (or I might start making my own CMA).
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Re: DL580 G2 Cable Management Arm - Reversible?


There was a change in the cable management arm for the DL580 G2 but I'm not sure if this is what you already have as there is no mention of this being "reversible". Perhaps you could get some clarification from a sales contact quoting the part in the article.

I hope this helps.


ProLiant DL580 G2
December 2002

Cable Management Arm Option Now Available for HP ProLiant DL580 Generation 2 (G2) Servers

A new folding cable management arm is now available as an option for all HP ProLiant DL580 Generation (G2) Servers. In addition, this folding cable management arm is now shipping on all new ProLiant DL580 G2 servers. The cable management arm replaces the previously included pulley-style cable-management solution.
All ProLiant DL580 G2 servers now ship with the traditional sliding rails and a folding cable management arm, which is optimized for installation in a Compaq Rack 9000 Series Cabinet or an HP Rack 10000 Series Cabinet. The cable management arm has been redesigned to minimize depth by offering a cable routing solution that threads from the server through a top rail and then routes the cables to the edge of the rack through a bottom rail.

The Folding Cable Management Arm may be purchased as an option by ordering Option Part Number 289294-B21.

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Re: DL580 G2 Cable Management Arm - Reversible?

I feel your pain.... We have recently purchased 2 of the hp 10000 extra wide racks with the built-in cable management. I racked 14 DL30's.... with all cables going to the left. What a mess. I did notice the most recent DL580 G2 does have the arm mounts on the right side also....but the arm will not mount. The wide 10000 rack has the trough's(troff's) on both sides...the right side is empty.
Mark Patchett_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL580 G2 Cable Management Arm - Reversible?

I'm about ready to "custom fit" the arm. I figure that I would need to cut off the bottom tab (because it interferes with the power plug) and reverse the hinge (remove the hinge pin then reverse the hinge and put the pin back).

Our next rack will be the extra wide one.