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Re: DL580 G2 - Power Supply blinking/flashing green?

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DL580 G2 - Power Supply blinking/flashing green?

Dear HP community,
I need your help...

I got a DL580 G2. This server has two power supplies. While server is running one PSU LED is permanently green, the other is flashing/blinking green. As far as I know both PSU LEDs should be permanently on while server is running?
Whatever, if I unplug the power cord from the PSU with permanent green LED the server shut down immediatelly. So it doesn't switch to the blinking PSU. HP System Management Homepage is telling me both PSU are Redundant and OK with no error.

If I just put in the green blinking PSU the server is in standby mode (LEDs on, PSU fan working) but I can't power on the server. If I just put in the permanent green PSU everything is working.

The question is, if this blinking PSU is really bad and needs replacement or if this is a known error/Problem which can be fixed? I'm really confured because no yellow LED is flashing at the PSU...

Do you have an idea?

Thank you very much!

Andras Ordogh
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Re: DL580 G2 - Power Supply blinking/flashing green?

hello mexxle,


PSU power led status: solid green - normal

PSU power led status: blinking green - standby mode 


PSU fault led status: solid amber PSU failure


so if you have two PSU one solid green one is blinking green, i'll try the following:

a.) change power cords (to check the power)

  - if nothing changed, the power is ok

  - if the another PSU start blinking: wrong cable, or power problem (UPS?) 

b.) change the PSUs (the left PSU to the right, the right to the left)

  - if the same PSU blinking on the another slot> PSU failure (doesn't matter

    the SMH or led code)

  - if the another PSU blinking: you have error inside the server (mainborard, or

    power board etc)


best regatrds




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Re: DL580 G2 - Power Supply blinking/flashing green?

Hi, thanks for fast reply. - Power cords already switched. - PSU slots already switched. The same PSU stays blinking, so I think PSU is defective. Thank you!