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DL580 G2: SATA Drive Installation

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DL580 G2: SATA Drive Installation

To expand the storage for DL580 G2 Server, I would not prefer to replace existing Ultra320 SCSI drives. So, I'm wondering if SATA drive can be installed into this server. else, it needs a PCI-X SATA Card to for the SATA Drive?

I don't find space for an HDD inside the server. SATA Drive also needs a power cable?.. Not sure if this server got one one.

Has anybody done this before?

Michael A. McKenney
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Re: DL580 G2: SATA Drive Installation

You are better off upgrading the SCSI drives? Do you have a spare drive? What RAID configuration? 1, 5, 10?

If you have a spare, you could replace it with a larger drive. Reset it to spare. Fail one drive at a time, have the new larger spare fail over completely. Replace the failed drive with a new larger drive. Make it a spare. Fail over another old drive the next day. I have done this on a few servers that did not have room to grow. You just want to get backups each night and do one drive per day and wait for the array to completely rebuild and verify its completed. It can be risky but it does work. Once all drives are replaced with larger drives. Backup. Flash the firmware to upgrade the new drives. Expand the partitions.
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Re: DL580 G2: SATA Drive Installation


Yes, that sounds like the first option. I have to spend around $600 to replace these 73GB disks with 146GB Disks. This is pretty expensive. I can get 3TB SATA Drive for $120.. Though performance can't be compared with SCSI drives, I can live with it.. much better than USB 2.0 Performance.. I am wondering how to get SATA drive into this server..

Thanks for the response

Re: DL580 G2: SATA Drive Installation

Hi there,

DL580 G2 is SCSI server and there is no way you can add SATA drives internally as per quickspecs. DL580 G2 does not sata any SATA controller either.

Check the quickspecs for more details
DL580 G2 quickspecs.

The only to connect SATA drive on this server is to external storage HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 20 that too with U320 Host connectivity.

Hope this helps,

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