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DL580 G3 ASR - Vmware


DL580 G3 ASR - Vmware


I have an issue with an HP DL580 G3 with Vmware ESX 3.01. From some reason the Server every day restarts automatically. Im seeying the IML Log and the only thing a see is this

hpasmcli> show iml

Event: 0 Added: 02/06/2009 14:12
INFO: Maintenance Note - IML Cleared.

Event: 1 Added: 02/18/2009 16:04
REPAIRED: Network Adapter - Network Adapter Link Down (Slot 0, Port 1).

Event: 2 Added: 02/13/2009 16:36
CRITICAL: ASR - ASR Detected by System ROM.

Event: 3 Added: 02/17/2009 17:27
CRITICAL: ASR - ASR Detected by System ROM.

The last time it restart i saw that the server has one memory led in red.
I boot the server with the smartstart CD and run a complete test over the memorys (30 Loops) but it test end correctly

I also upgrade the firmware to the last, Using the Firmware CD 8.30.

What else could i do?

Best regards


Re: DL580 G3 ASR - Vmware

hi again,

can i start the server with only one memory board.

the server has 4 Processors

best regards