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DL580 G3 add new Processor

Lee Tae Mun
Occasional Contributor

DL580 G3 add new Processor

I have DL580 G3 with one 3.16Ghz CPU
I tried to add a new CPU with same part Number.
but starting boot, it's not work
Proc lamp was flashing red lamp
I also added a new PPM.
so I replaced another New cpu
but it's same
What Can I do
The Spartan
Trusted Contributor

Re: DL580 G3 add new Processor

Suggestions -

1. Get into the RBSU of the server. Enable the option - Set Processor Correct.
2. In BIOS again, enable MPS table.
3. If aforesaid steps fail, upgrade ACPI drivers from the device manager>computer?properties option.

If you are keen to win, you should be willing to lose.
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Re: DL580 G3 add new Processor

Is the firmware up to date?

the new firmware added support for new proc revs.


Added support for new revisions of Intel Xeon MP processors

There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!