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DL580 G3 and G4 servers - fans very loud

brian tait
Occasional Visitor

DL580 G3 and G4 servers - fans very loud



We have two DL580 servers (G3 and G4 models) and both now seem to have their fans running on full power. We knew of a previous situation with a DL380 server where a firmware update fixed a similar problem. Can someone confirm if there is a problem with DL580s and loud fans, and if so whether there is a firmware update (what version) that will fix this problem?


Both servers are Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 and HP Systems Insight agents are installed and running. HP Systems Management Homepage shows no problems and all temperature sensors well below threshold and fans running at "normal" speed, but the fans are running at high speed judging by the constant loud noise which sounds the same as when the servers are booted. They are in a separate computer room, so it is hard to say when it this began apart from within the past 6 months.



Abhishek Bangalore
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Re: DL580 G3 and G4 servers - fans very loud