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DL580 G4 ASR Reboot

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Julie DeJong2
Occasional Visitor

DL580 G4 ASR Reboot

Hi, I have the typical problem where the ASR rebooted my server and I do not know why.

There are no unusual messages in Event Viewer or in the System Management Homepage. The only log entry reported is "ASR detected by System ROM." Device Manager shows all is good.

Also my system management homepage is all of a sudden timing out--it has worked fine in the past. I checked the SNMP settings, but they seem to be ok. Could the homepage timeout and the ASR reboot be related? Only recent change made to the system is the install of the following component last week:

Online ROM Flash Component for Windows - Smart Array P400 and P400i version 4.12

Apparently ASR detected some kind of issue and determined that the system needed to be rebooted. Is there any way to identify the underlying cause without disabling ASR and waiting for it to happen again?

OS is Windows Server 2003 Std x64 SP2

Thanks much!
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 G4 ASR Reboot


any other error in Integrated Management Log?
or Windows event Viewer?

issue started after you applied firmware for P400 controller or issue was there before that?

are the rest of the firmware up-to-date? System ROM, HDDs, ...?

what about drivers? latest proliant support pack?

ASR detected by System ROM.
This message indicates that the ProLiant Server ROM detected an ASR
timeout. This message is almost always present in the IML when an ASR
timeout occurs. If this is the only ASR message logged to the IML, this may
indicate a hardware failure (such as a non-correctable ECC error on a
memory DIMM). The ASR feature on a ProLiant server will hard reset the
server when the timeout expires, with no software intervention required.

If this is the only ASR message present, this usually indicates a hardware type error (such as an unrecoverable memory error). Try moving the server memory DIMMs to different slots to see if more information can be logged. Review all IML messages that previously occurred to see if any other component has given an indication of failure or temperature limits that might have exceeded normal operating thresholds.

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Julie DeJong2
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL580 G4 ASR Reboot

Hi Karlo, Thanks for your response. In answer to your questions:

--There are no other log entries; just the "ASR detected by system rom" in the IML and the "unexpected shutdown" in Event Viewer.

--Firmware/support packs etc are up-to-date; it is reviewed every month and updated accordingly

--Issue occurred one time one week after applying the online ROM component.

It has only happened once so far, but experience tells me that it will happen again and again until the source of the problem is nailed down. Is there any other place to check to help diagnose the problem?

Thank you for the DIMM slot change suggestion. I will give it a try at the next maintenance window in a couple weeks.
Terence Tsao
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL580 G4 ASR Reboot

When system hangs up ,the ASR will reboot server to return normal system.
Maybe you can disable ASR reboot function in RBSU.You will see what happen before it reboot.
Julie DeJong2
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL580 G4 ASR Reboot

Thanks Terence. That is probably what I am going to do. --Julie