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DL580 G4 Memory Board Issues

Occasional Contributor

DL580 G4 Memory Board Issues

We had two memory board each with 4 x 2GB Single rank PC2-400 DIMMs in, working great.
Wanted to add the same again. Added two further memory boards each setup the same but when the system boots all the lights on new boards flash amber during post then go off. The system only reports memory on the first two boards! We have it configured for ECC with HOT ADD support. Is it the boards or the config? We know the DIMMs are ok as we have swapped them onto the original boards and they work fine.

Any help you be great.

Glenn Matthys
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL580 G4 Memory Board Issues

Please confirm that the new memory is of the exact same type as the old memory (you cannot mix unbuffered memory with registered memory). Follow the rules outlined in the user guide @

Memory installation starts at page 67.