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DL580 G4 - Windows 2003 R2 Sp2 issue

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DL580 G4 - Windows 2003 R2 Sp2 issue

Installed Windows 2003 R2 with sp2 on DL580G4 server but unable to join the domain and kept getting an error "network path not found".
Added another network card(NC7131) to the server and was able to join the domain.
Formatted the same server and installed Windows 2003 Enterprise SP1 version and was able to join the domain without any additional network card.Installed SP2 and found no issues.
Is there any security in Windows 2003 R2 version which I missed out?

Hope this would be helpful if some one faces the saem issue...

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 G4 - Windows 2003 R2 Sp2 issue

You will need to do this:

The process is as follows:

Install Windows 2003 on the new machine
Assign the new computer an IP address and subnet mask on the existing network
Make sure that the preferred DNS server on new machine points to the existing DNS Server on the Domain (normally the existing domain controller)

Join the new machine to the existing domain as a member server

As the new machine is the R" version you need to run Adprep from CD2 of the R2 disks on the existing Domain controller. Adprep is in the \CMPNENTS\R2\ folder on CD2 - (take care only this version of adprep will do the job)

From the command line promote the new machine to a domain controller with the DCPROMO command from the command line
Select â Additional Domain Controller in an existing Domainâ

Once Active Directory is installed then to make the new machine a global catalog server, go to Administrative Tools, Active Directory Sites and Services, Expand ,Sites, Default first site and Servers. Right click on the new server and select properties and tick the â Global Catalogâ checkbox. (Global catalog is essential for logon as it needs to be queried to establish Universal Group Membership)

Assuming that you were using Active Directory Integrated DNS on the first Domain Controller, DNS will have replicated to the new domain controller along with Active Directory.

If you want to use the second machine for faault tollerance then, If you are using DHCP you should spread this across the domain controllers, In a simple single domain this is easiest done by Setting up DHCP on the second Domain controller and using a scope on the same network that does not overlap with the existing scope on the other Domain Controller. Donâ t forget to set the default gateway (router) and DNS Servers. Talking of which all the clients (and the domain controllers themselves) need to have their Preferred DNS server set to one domain controller, and the Alternate DNS to the other, that way if one of the DNS Servers fails, the clients will automatically use the other,

Both Domain Controllers by this point will have Active Directory, Global Catalog, DNS and DHCP. and the domain could function for a while at least should any one of them fail. However for a fully robust system you need to be aware that the first domain controller that existed will by default hold what are called FSMO Roles. There are five of these roles that are held on a single server and are essential for the functioning of the network. If the second Domain Controller fails, then no problem as the FSMO roles are on the first Domain Controller. However if you intent to function with the second Domain Controller only, then the roles need to be moved to the Second Domain Controller. Ideally if this is a planned event you should cleanly transfer the FSMO roles, if it is an unplanned â emergencyâ the FSMO roles can be seized (see

Re: DL580 G4 - Windows 2003 R2 Sp2 issue

Hi Daniel,

Your solution worked,thanks.

Daniel Leblanc
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 G4 - Windows 2003 R2 Sp2 issue

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