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DL580 G4 memory board rebuild error

Occasional Advisor

DL580 G4 memory board rebuild error




- 4 x 7120M CPU

- 2 Memory Board, slot 1 contains 4x2GB, slot 2 contains 4x1GB



Memory board inserted in slot 1 stucks at rebuilding  state(blinking green board light), so only the RAM in slot 2 is recognized.  Swapping the boards in the slot locations doesn't help, the one in slot 1 doesn't rebuild (both boards work in slot 2 so it can't be memory board fault).  I didn't have this error before. I just removed the boards to fix the lock switch since they were very hard to rotate (some lubricant applied to moving parts,  with special care to not to touch electronics).


Things I tried:

-Swapping boards in slot 1 and 2

-Cleaning contact surfaces (both board and memory backplane wise)


Interesting fact:

-POST memory tester shows that no DIMM is present from DIMM 1 to 4 (slot 1 memory board's DIMMs), DIMM 5 to 8 test succeeds, and the rest of the DIMMs are not installed of course, since no more memory boards are present.

Even after the OS booted up, the board is still trying to rebuild(blinking green led)



Jan Soska
Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 G4 memory board rebuild error

I am afraid it is boar failure - is your server still under suport?



Occasional Advisor

Re: DL580 G4 memory board rebuild error

It can't be board failure, because they both work in backplane slot 2. The one which is inserted in slot 1 (does not matter which one) doesn't work. So if it is a component failure, it can be memory backplane only. But then, why is that other slots work and this one doesn't? I doubt that this generation still has support, but I am hoping that someone can help to debug this properly, because I still think that this is some kind of an electric contact failure.