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DL580 G4 - reboot unexpectedly

Maximiliano Faria Seixa
Occasional Contributor

DL580 G4 - reboot unexpectedly

Hello Everybody,

I’m having a problem with a DL580G4… Form time to time the server reboot unexpectedly. I looked on IML and ILO logs and the following message appears:

18 02/24/2008 16:28:00 Server power removed.
19 Unknown Power restored to iLO 2.
20 02/24/2008 16:29:00 On-board clock set; was previously [NOT SET]

What I did?
- Updated the PSP
- Updated all firmware
- Replaced the power supplies
- Replaced the power supply back plane
- Replaced the system board.

There are two power supplies connected to two different powerlines.

Have you ever seem something like this?

Trusted Contributor

Re: DL580 G4 - reboot unexpectedly

You can go into RBSU and stop the ASR. Then you can stop the ASR in wondows and if there are bluescreens, you will be able to see which file causes the issue.

If you are using e200 or p400 controller, I would advice you to update to firmware 1.72 for e200 or 4.12 for p400. Also download the latest sas/sata drivers fror smart array controllers and install them. And look in for the latest storport driver.

Kind regards,
Maximiliano Faria Seixa
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL580 G4 - reboot unexpectedly

Thanks Mi6t0...
I have already disabled ASR and updated the firmware and drivers according to Proliant Support Pack 7.91A, so the latest

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Re: DL580 G4 - reboot unexpectedly


it is not clear if server reboots or shuts down?

If the server shuts down is the server connected to a UPS ? If yes maybe a scheduled shutdown is configured

Is the automatic power restore enabled in server RBSU?

Honored Contributor

Re: DL580 G4 - reboot unexpectedly


what if you try minimum configuration...

I mean 1 Processor, 1 memory Board and 4 memories, no PCI cards, no Mezzanine options boards.
In case you have more than 1 Proc and several memories you can swap them

I've seen "Mezzanine boards" causing power issues I don't know if it is applicable in your case and I don't Know if you can try the step I gave but seen all you have replaced.

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!