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DL580 G5 - Auto Shutdown - Cause Overheat

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DL580 G5 - Auto Shutdown - Cause Overheat


I have a DL580 G5  Windows Server Enterprise 2003 x64 and performing a Autoshutdown.

I look on the Integrated Management Log  there's a info stating


Auto Shutdown - Cause: Temp Abort

Overheat- Chassis Name: - Temp:36 - Fan Zone Type: Ambient - Zone Id: 6-

Chassis Id:0 Chassis Type: Main system or external slots - Chassis Port: 0


it is mean I have a bad fan? is it stating Zone Id:6 means Fan 6?


Thanks in advance.



Re: DL580 G5 - Auto Shutdown - Cause Overheat



The following are the possible causes:

-One or more fans in the server have failed.
-Fan connector or slot failed.
-Insufficient fans installed.
-Heat sink not installed.
-BIOS or iLO Firmware.


Provide me with the following information:

-Is there any amber LED for fan indicators on the System insight display?
-What is the BIOS and ILO firmware version?
-Please let me know which operating system is installed in the server.

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Re: DL580 G5 - Auto Shutdown - Cause Overheat

"Ambient" means the sensor is measuring the air around the server, the air the server's fans are pulling in.

An ambient temperature of 36 degrees Celsius would be way too hot in a server room.


However, the temperature changes in the IML messages seem a bit suspicious to me.

  • 36 degrees at 19:16
  • 17 degrees at 19:22 (that would seem like a good temperature for a server room???)
  • 33 degrees again at 19:27.

A sanity check would be required: go to the server room (or have someone else go). Is it warm or hot in there? If it's noticeably warm/hot, you might have a HVAC failure at the site. If the server room environment is OK, the next step would be to look at the rack the server's in (and the server itself) more closely.


What's your cooling solution like? If you have in-rack cooling, the rack doors might be solid and any failure of the air conditioner would cause the things in the rack to get hot rather quick, as the volume of the circulating air inside the rack will be rather small.


With a more traditional server room cooling solution, I would suspect either an airflow obstruction of some sort (e.g. somebody left a large plastic bag on the server room floor and it got sucked onto the server's air intakes, blocking them) or a failure of the ambient air sensor.

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Re: DL580 G5 - Auto Shutdown - Cause Overheat

Thank you rguha for your reply,  I will do check all your suggestion as soon I visit again the server. I am waiting also for the schedule downtime of the server. 


Best regards,


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Re: DL580 G5 - Auto Shutdown - Cause Overheat

Hi Matti Thanks for the reply. The last time I been at the server room and the temperature was ok. I will check again all the posibiliy you've said.  Thank you very much



Best regards,