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DL580 G5 Boots to Disk instead of USB

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DL580 G5 Boots to Disk instead of USB

I have a DL580 with a smart array P400 controller (CCISS) and I want to install Oracle Linux 7. I know the P400 isn't supported by Linux 7. But, I found that I can install CentOS 7 by adding "hpsa.hpsa_simple_mode=1 hpsa.hpsa_allow_any=1" to the boot instructions. Works great no problem.

Oracle Linux 7 on the other hand doesn't support that solution. It installs Ok and tries to boot. But
it hangs during the boot process. While booting, it says:

Oracle Linux Server 7 .3 dracut-033-463.0.1.el7

Reached target paths.
Reached target Basic System
Initqueue[430]: Warning dracut initqueue time out starting initqueue scripts
Started dracut initqueue hook
Reached target remote file system(pre)
Reached target remote file system start job is running for dev-disk-by/<disk name goes here> (no limit)

And the booting just hangs at that point. I tried removing the disk and installing Linux to a USB drive. It works fine. But, when I reinstall the disk, the computer insists on booting to the disk. I've checked the BIOS several times and the computer is configured to boot in the following order: CD, USB(C), P400. The USB is enabled and the computer will boot from the USB drive if there are no disk installed.

Any ideas?