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DL580-G5 EOL date

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DL580-G5 EOL date


Im trying to find HP DL580-G5 EOL and EOSL date, but this is impossible at HP website.

For DL380-G5 was very easy, the information was found at Product documentation as follow:


DA-12477 63 - Version 63 - September 23, 2010 --- Retired on November 30, 2009


But, at DL580-G5 Product Documentation webpage we dont have this information, even with the server marked as retired.

This information is very usefull, I really dont understand why HP dont make this available easier.

Could you please help me? We are planning buy new servers, so this information is crucial.



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Re: DL580-G5 EOL date

Yes, this is always difficult.


If you go to the quickspec site


and select


search all quickspec



you will find the DL580 G5 as "(11/23/2010; 1,493 kB) - Retired"



Not sure why there is no matric like HP have for the HP 9000 and Integrity server line ???

Hope this helps!

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Re: DL580-G5 EOL date

Thank you very much!