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DL580 G5 Power Supply Help Needed

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DL580 G5 Power Supply Help Needed

I am using a DPS1200 FB A PSU from DL580 G5 for a power supply project and need any information that will help with pinouts.


Would any of you kind people know

1) The pinouts for DPS 1200 FB A ?, and/or

2) Have a damaged Power backplane for same model?, and/or

3) Supply a close-up photo of both sides and edges of the Power BackPlane?, and/or

4) Circuit diagram?, and/or

5 Wiring loom info from Power Backplane to rest of system?


I know this is out of scope for many users here but any and all help would be really appreciated


Occasional Visitor

Re: DL580 G5 Power Supply Help Needed

you have found a solution for you? I have the same situation, I need help to run the power supply .....