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DL580 G5 Will not POST

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DL580 G5 Will not POST

I got a request at a server issue resolution and so far not getting too far.

The Server has 4 1200W PSUs, 4 CPUs and memory (1GB each slot all across). The CPU memory board has been taken out and placed into another working server and works but will not work while in the desired setup.

You plug it in and it does its initializing thing, Spits out a few codes then goes to 00.  During this the power button is orange then it goes off. After I should be able to turn it on but it will not turn on. A previous tech apparently tested the CPU memory board, and the PSUs and claim they are good.  At boot only issues showing (on the SID) are with the 6 fans. Power button does nothing while the display says everyting internal and external are fine (green light)

I myself have striped it down to 1 processor and its memory bank with 4gb just to be sure and only get the same thing.

The issue has to be somewhere towards the back (i.e. i/o board, SPI board, PSU backplane, PSUs.) and so has anyone run into anyting like this before on this server????


Oh I also noticed the SPI Board is blinking green towards the top near the Raid cache. I can't find any info on the SPI board like a manual or something in order to see if that is normal or not.