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DL580 G5 fatal boot errors

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DL580 G5 fatal boot errors

This computer worled perfectly up until a few days ago.

Now if I reset the BIOS, it boots fine once, then on rebooting:

1st reboot: internal error red LED, continous long beeps, all yellow leds lit, sits on code 30, amber LED lit internally near readout, no post

2nd time: external LED flashing, cpu 1 LED yellow, same code, no post.

I pulled everything: PCIe cards, drives in or out doesnt matter. All power supplies seem healthy., pulled CPU's, memory, air cleaned sockets, reinsert, switched cpu and memory spots.

if I reset BIOS with pulling power and battery or switch 6, same sequence of events.

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Re: DL580 G5 fatal boot errors

Have you checked the server IML and/or the iLO log to see what errors are being reported?

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum! 
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Re: DL580 G5 fatal boot errors

Nothing in the IML


iLO 2 log just server reset, server power restored, iLO network link up, browser login, logout, etc.